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29 Heroes, Animal Companions, and Troll Miniatures Set for DND

29 Heroes, Animal Companions, and Troll Miniatures Set for DND

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Inspiring more Entertaining Adventures...

Born on Kickstarter in May 2020 with the backing of 600+ backers, the Heroes of Solan miniatures are our, Wildspire's, first set of 28mm-32mm scale minis. These minis are not your normal typical types, they are diverse, amusing and battle-ready. Designed by our sculptors, as well as some by the legendary Miguel Zavala (mz4250)

Introducing the Heroes of Sol'an:

1 Troll King (~4" tall) wielding goblin

15 Heroes
Dragonborn with Warhammer & Anvil
Wolfkin Mage
Pandakin drinking Teapot
Half-orc Chef
Drunken Master Monk
Minotaur with Cowbell
Samurai Tiefling
Samurai Elf
Gnome Wizard on Pug
Librarian Gun-arm
Halfling Dragonslayer
Dwarf Druid with cactus club

13 Animals
War Elephant
Pack Lizard
Cat King
One-eyed Raven

Note: Not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or an official Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, dnd product.

  • All-purpose D&D Figures that are creative enough to fit in any adventure. Minis for Dungeons and Dragons are typically generic, but these d and d figures are made to inspire creativity all all tabletop games.
  • Dungeon Master's Dream: Game-ready character sheets save precious game prep time, as the DM no longer has to spend time devising background stories and stats for the characters. The success of Critical Role is built on prep work, as is the success of your game.
  • Durable Tabletop RPG Accessories for DnD: The best gifts are versatile, and in D &D versatility is everything. These mini figures can be used in a multitude of situations and every game. These Accessories for D&D are durable and high-quality. Rivals quality of wizkids miniatures
  • Perfect DND Gift MIniatures Set
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